The Metaverse: Doors to the Unimaginable

In recent months the term metaverse and its bold aspirations have been on the lips of the entire technological world, however, many concepts of this still seem unimaginable and little understood.

The person responsible for bringing this word to the surface again is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. And it is that this American businessman changed the name of his famous company and renamed it as 'Meta'.

The purposes of the 37-year-old programmer is to create the first metaverse with the latest technology, although he is not the only one with this projection; companies like Epic Games, Nvidia, SoftBank, Microsoft, Google and Unity are all after the same goal.

In 1992 this term was seen as an invention of science fiction, when the writer Neal Stephenson used it in his book "Snow Crash".

What is it and what can be done in the metaverse?

First of all, you have to know its definition with certainty. Although it is currently only an idea, a virtual world where people can interact through an avatar is called a metaverse.

'Meta' comes from the Greek 'beyond' and 'Verse' from 'universe'. Both words make up the meaning of three-dimensional interconnectedness.

In short, the metaverse will be the butterfly and the internet the caterpillar. The cyberspace that we now know will evolve and become a virtual world in three dimensions.

To enter this, it will be necessary to advance in technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The human being will need glasses or another device to be able to connect in this cosmos of the future.

Internet users who are immersed in this universe will be able to interact with other people, buy products, move and explore new environments, without the need to move away from the real world plane.

In the same way and through their avatars they will be able to attend events, concerts, presentations and even work meetings.

But for this whole artificial world to work, there needs to be a payment method and that is where cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) appear, supported and secured with blockchain technology.

In this way, users will be able to carry out transactions in parallel in both universes and people who generate income in the metaverse will be able to collect in cryptocurrencies and spend them in the real world.

Mark Zuckerberg announced through his Facebook profile that on February 23 he will make several announcements about the advances that have been made in terms of artificial intelligence.

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