The American Bill Gates is one of the brightest minds in terms of technology and computing

This 66-year-old businessman is known worldwide for having created the Microsoft company and the Windows computer operating system.

All this baggage in the sphere of technological developments has allowed him to predict what may replace cell phones in the future. Mobile devices are currently the preferred means of humanity to communicate and to carry out all kinds of activities and queries online. However, according to the 'Heraldo USA', Bill Gates has been investing in a technology that could take the place of cell phones in the future.

The possible replacement of smartphones 'Chaotic Moon Studios', a software and technology design company, created electronic tattoos and since 2015 has been evolving in its development.

In a first instance, the objective of this invention has a medical approach, since it aims to manifest and prevent diseases.

The above would work thanks to biotechnology and microprocessors that adhere to people's skin.

This promising system of electronic tattoos caught the attention of Bill Gates and today, this tycoon is taking another approach with his investment.

Well, not only do you want electronic tattoos to be used as medical diagnostics, but they will have the same functionality as smartphones.

The studies that are being carried out pretend that people who get these types of tattoos can call, send messages, see their location and credit card information.

For these functions to be carried out, the ink has to be composed of chips that generate electricity and nanotechnology.

At the moment, Bill Gates' idea is still under study, but it is already beginning to be what can revolutionize current technology.

However, this would not be the total end of mobile devices, since many are probably not going to agree to make a tattoo on the skin that contains chips, even if these are temporary.

This prediction is now only the tip of an iceberg and surely with more studies there will be new revelations, which will answer countless questions that will arise as a result of electronic tattoos.

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