Website and App for Android and iOS devices, which has been designed for taxpayers who require credit when paying their taxes with a faster and more reliable solution.

Our philosophy:

"We pay for you” We pay your Tax on the dates established by your municipality in just a few clicks.

We are a company, with a human sense and that is why we believe in the philosophy of making your life simpler and happier. We will always be by your side so that you trust us, the control of your financial responsibilities.

A product that provides credit benefits supported by technology. We created a simple and intuitive application using our own technology. Goodbye to paperwork and lines.

¿What we offer?

  • No worries about paying your taxes on time. We pay them for you! We pay them on time!

  • Freedom; live without worrying about having to do paperwork or having to be aware of the payment.

  • A pleasant experience when using our App.

  • Immediate credit approval.

  • Confidence because of our track record.

What sets us apart:

  • 18 years of experience in tax collection.

  • First in credit for payment of Property Taxes.

  • Easy payment.

  • In five steps we approve your credit.

  • No usury rates: An economic and happy rate.

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