They are a technological solution with high quality standards in hardware and software, with the ability to be configurable to almost any type of industry according to the customer's needs and the company's target audience.

Pay+ allows to make cash and card payments, consult transactions and present advertising in a dynamic way through its full hd touch screens, allowing the user to self-assist in an easy and friendly way with any type of transaction; this operation can be performed in real time affecting the company's operating system thanks to the integration through web service or flat files that link the transaction with the ERP of each client.


  • Less than 2 minutes per transaction.

  • Improved checkout flow.

  • Decrease in the total cost of the transaction.

  • Reduction in waiting and service times.

  • Reduction in Human Capital costs.

  • 24/7 service.

  • Possibility of expanding the network of payment service points at a lower cost, with greater reach. .

  • PCompany advertising and sale of advertising space.

  • Efficient use of resources.

Use of digital kiosks

  • Mass education events.

  • Shift generator.

  • Automated one-stop shop.

  • Certificate generation.

  • Digital animations and video playback.

  • Procedures: Consignments and withdrawals in cash or cards.

  • Consultations.

  • Online transactions.

  • Payments for transactions.

  • Applications.

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