2009 – 2011
Metropolitan area metaportals project

Caldas, Girardota, Bello, Barbosa, Itagüí, Sabaneta, La Estrella and Copacabana are the eight municipalities of the Metropolitan Area that were impacted by the development of 1Cero1 Software. The citizen has the information of the Mayor's Office just a click away, and can also carry out procedures and services online, thus avoiding annoying lines and delays.

The Online Government strategy, led by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, which promotes the construction of a more efficient, transparent and participatory state, is one of the main pillars on which we developed the structure of the portals for these municipalities and the automation of more than 105 procedures that were implemented in the portals of the Metropolitan Area.

2012 - 2015
Alliance FCM

With the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, we made strategic alliances among which we carried out different developments with nationally recognized entities such as SIMIT, Integrated Information System of Fines and Penalties for Traffic Violations.

2012 – 2015
MEL Projects MEL, Online Municipalities

The starting point of the Online Municipalities Project was the experience with the portals of the Metropolitan Area where we promoted the project at a national level with the participation of a financial ally where more than 30 municipalities nationwide would be covered in order to provide continuity to the guidelines of the Online Government Strategy and promote competitiveness and the improvement of the quality of life of all Colombians.

2015 – 2020
ETL projects, Territorial Entities Online

Territorial Entities Online, TEOL, is the project that today provides continuity to the leadership of our developments, where we will deliver 270 portals for government entities, with the sponsorship of Bancolombia and establishing reciprocity agreements to increase the participation of the financial institution in the Government Entities.

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  • Medellín Digital

    2009 - 2011

    Development of web portals with more than 105 automated procedures for eight municipalities in the Metropolitan Area.

  • Alliance with the Federation of Municipalities

    2012 - 2015

    Developments for counting fines and sanctions for SIMIT.

  • MEL Project

    2012 - 2015

    Development of portals for municipalities around Colombia, under E-Gov guidelines, with the authorization of procedures and services. Sponsored by Banco de Bogotá and Banco de Occidente

  • ETL Project

    2016 - 2019

    Development of 270 automated municipal portals, sponsored by Bancolombia.

  • Pay+

    2016 - 2019

    Implementation of self-assisted collection touch screen devices, with online connection for real-time payment reporting.