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We are a company oriented to the creation of solutions and services through highly competitive software, based on computer engineering with the highest industry standards.

Our first steps were focused on the development of customized software for Colombian entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs and in view of the strength that the E-Government was taking in Colombia, our company focused on the creation of new components that have been providing effective solutions to this need.

We have developed integral technological solutions for the official sector in 430 entities, both public and private.

  • Leaders in the implementation of payment channels.

  • Experts in the development of government software in Latin America.

  • 10 years of experience in the automation of procedures and services.


We are a company oriented to the creation of solutions and services through software, by means of which we provide innovative technology according to the needs of customers and implement practical, dynamic and functional solutions.

Currently, the company has been strengthened in the development of portals throughout the Colombian territory, which have the implementation and development of procedures and services with online payments under the parameters of the national strategy of Online Government.

We contribute to improving the processes of both public and private entities, starting from the different technological developments and leading projects through the different strategic alliances.


By 2023, we will be the leading company in software solutions for the Colombian government. We will be venturing into software solutions for regional governments, with the quality, commitment and experience of our professional team, we will be specialists in comprehensively generating solutions in information and communications technologies to our customers, consolidating ourselves as the most outstanding company in the software industry.

Quality Policies

  • Constant updating and implementation of new software and ICT trends.
  • For 1Cero1 Software the fulfillment and quality of its projects is the pillar of its daily work.
  • The company encourages and supports the suggestions of our customers and collaborators in favor of continuous improvement.
  • Joint and supportive work.
  • Respect for customer needs.
  • Optimal customer service.
  • Dynamism and improvement of daily activities.


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