Transactional portal

Our portals have been developed based on the current requirements of the State in terms of the Digital Government strategy.

Expressed through Decree No. 1008 of 2018, which comprises a portal with a structure that allows to fully comply with the guidelines of the Digital Government Manual, based on the SharePoint 2013 tool (Microsoft) with all the security conditions to have a robust site that allows to meet the highest quality standards in terms of web portals.

The portals, procedures and dashboard are developed on the SharePoint 2013 platform which offers a simple and coherent appearance of information, collaboration and processing.

SharePoint 2013 features

  • Manageable website.

  • Ability to manage permission levels.

  • Profile management.

  • Easy to learn administrative platform.

  • Adaptable to design.

  • Workflow implementation .

  • User interface and user experience in terms of administration .

  • Document synchronization.

  • Collaboration.

Platform benefits

Online transactions

The automatization of procedures and services optimizes processes in the entities, and establishes mechanisms such as document repositories and virtual archives, applying the zero paper policy.

The platform allows the integration of the different information systems of public and private entities, providing quality in the management of this information.

We have developed a module specifically for tracking and internal administration of procedures and services.


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