In the support area we attend the requests required by our customers, after having delivered the software development.

Identification of the requests:

  • Incidents: technical failure in the operation of the portal (presented by actions not properly executed in the SharePoint administrator).

  • Feedback: once the portal has been delivered and the personnel in charge of the administration has been trained, there are requests where the employees need to reinforce specific knowledge. These requests are carried out by scheduling the official and attending them virtually (Skype).

  • Zimbra mail administrator: we carry out the following administrative actions with our provider TIGO/UNE: restore, delete, change, create, backups, synchronize information.


1CERO1 Software has provided for you and your work team different communication channels such as:

  • Filing of requirements through the mail:

  • For high incidence failures that affect the availability of our services will be attended 24/7 on cell phones: 3194738205.

  • We have an after-sales and digital marketing advisor per area, dedicated to follow up on your requirements, promote the technological tools of your website, e-mail marketing, campaigns and training.

  • The concerns that come to us through WhatsApp we are attending, however, these requests must be supported with the sending of their respective mail to to formalize the attention of the requirement and make the respective follow-up.

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