Trami App is a mobile application that allows you to carry out diverse procedures, whether they are with or without a tax collection, in an agile way and from a mobile device.

This application is already available in 174 municipalities and has available 3 online procedures:

  • Property Tax

  • Industry and Commerce Tax

  • Certificates or CPCG

For municipal entities, this product adds to the delivery of more tools that facilitate online payments, creating different channels that improve the interaction between entity and citizen, generating higher scores in the Digital Government Index (DGI).

Our main objective is to promote the payment of taxes and facilitate the user's access to the online procedures of his entity.


  • The App is downloaded through "Play Store".

  • It is a safe, reliable App

  • It does not require user registration

  • Classifies procedures independently (PQRD, ICA, ReteICA, among others).

  • Implements the same payment gateway of the linked web portal.

Benefits for the citizen:

  • Trami App allows the citizen to easily identify the procedures available in the application and enter each one independently.

  • Provides proof of payment to the email.

  • Sends notifications to the cell phone about the status of the transaction.

  • Allows the citizen to finalize or cancel the transaction at any time.

  • Directs citizens to their browser of choice for downloading the transaction receipt

Benefits for the entity:

  • Brand-city recall, MR (Relational Marketing).

  • Interface customization (logos, slogan, colors, and sections).

  • Institutional Information: Integrates the coat of arms of the Municipality and the logo of the current administration according to the style manual.

  • Allows measurement of results and behavior of the App through the rating method of the Play Store (Measurement).

  • Flexibility to add additional procedures.

  • Sending of promotional push notifications.

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